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Demand forecasting for fashion brands

Make better decisions with AI-powered forecasts

Hakio’s advanced algorithms leverage real-time data to help you accurately anticipate trends, seasonal patterns, and market performance.

You're in great company with leading fashion brands

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Impact that matters


Improved forecasting accuracy


Reduced working capital


Improved product availability

Optimise working capital and improve product availability

Achieve the perfect balance of inventory. Hakio’s forecasts help reduce excess inventory, freeing up capital to prevent stockouts and costly overstock situations.

All of which lead to leaner costs, improved product availability, and last but not least, a CFO with a smile on their face.

Reduce working capital and improve product availability
Enhance supply chain resilience

Streamline your processes

Say goodbye to complex forecasting processes and overly complicated Excel spreadsheets. With Hakio, you streamline your processes and centralise your data.

This makes it easier to onboard new employees, collaborate internally, and ensure an understanding of trends and forecasts.

Forecasting tailored to your brand's needs

In the dynamic world of fashion and retail, we understand that one size doesn't fit all. That’s why our approach includes carefully selecting and adjusting algorithms to suit the unique context of your business.

We empower your team to integrate your own experience and knowledge by enabling manual input into the forecasting process.

Forecasting configured to your needs
Embrace uncertainty in a complex world

Expert guidance in every step of the process

The team behind Hakio brings decades of experience in supply chain optimisation, fashion and retail. Through collaboration with you and your team, we'll navigate the complexities of demand forecasting together.

Expect a smooth onboarding process and personalised solution designed to meet your specific needs.

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Demand forecasting is not only about the most accurate forecast, it is much more about how we leverage these data to support demand planners in making better, and faster decisions.

Simon Kristensen, CPO & Co-founder

Accurate forecasting. Streamlined demand planning. Finally.

Empower your planning team to make the best decisions, based on a solid foundation of real-time, accurate data.