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Hello, we are Hakio

We started Hakio with one goal in mind: to create the best demand forecasting algorithms out there and make them easy to use for everyone. Our team is made up of talented people with diverse backgrounds and skills, all working together to make this a reality. Come join us on our quest to change the game of demand forecasting!

Hakio team

Say hello to the friendly faces behind Hakio

Meet the team

Malte Vittrup

CEO & Co-founder

Introducing Malte, our business wizard and CEO extraordinaire! With a touch of magic, he weaves his expertise in supply chain planning and demand forecasting, delighting leading Danish companies with optimized operations. Now, he's on a daring quest to vanquish inefficiencies and banish waste from the supply chain, leading Hakio's fearless mission to revolutionize the e-commerce realm. Get ready to be enchanted! And here's a whimsical twist: Malte holds a degree in physics and nanotechnology from DTU, making him not only a forecasting wizard but also a master of multidisciplinary sorcery. Prepare to be spellbound by his genius!


Head of Commercial

Simon Kristensen

COO & Co-founder

Introducing Simon, our COO and operational maestro! With a stunning 20-year journey in the industry, he's the "rockstar" who knows how to groove with supply chains and fine-tune operations. Global brands like Maersk, Nike, Novo Nordisk, DSV, and Deloitte have all lined up, starstruck by Simon's prowess. But wait, there's more! Simon's mission at Hakio is to create the world's most mind-blowing demand forecasting tool for e-commerce businesses. It's like he's conducting a symphony of numbers and algorithms, turning chaos into a harmonious data dance. With Simon at the helm, expect nothing short of operational wizardry and a touch of rock 'n' roll to revolutionize the supply chain landscape. Get ready to groove and witness the magic unfold as we embark on this epic journey together!

Martin Lok

Development Lead

Martin, our Development Lead, brings a wealth of experience in SaaS product development, wearing multiple hats as both a skilled developer and an adept Scrum Master. With a proven track record, he co-founded a SaaS company and successfully guided it through an exit. Martin's expertise and entrepreneurial background make him a valuable asset in driving our product development initiatives forward.

Christian Montes Schütte

Data Scientist

Christian is an esteemed associate professor specializing in Econometrics at AU (Aarhus University). He is widely recognized as a leading expert in Denmark, particularly in the field of forecasting. His profound knowledge and expertise make him a valuable resource for understanding and predicting economic trends and patterns.

Robert Dahl Jacobsen

Data Scientist

Meet Robert, our brilliant Senior Data Scientist with a postdoc in Mathematics from AAU (Aalborg University). With a strong industry background in applied data science, he combines his expertise with a relentless focus on writing high-performing code. Robert's dedication to delivering top-notch solutions and his exceptional data science skills make him an invaluable asset to our team.

Martins Dubrovskis

Product Marketing Lead

Our backers

We are proud to have our amazing backers on our journey. Their support has helped us accelerate our growth and achieve our goals, and we are grateful for their partnership.

Founderment is an Aarhus-based early-stage VC that backs founders of tech-driven startups with blue-sky ambitions.

Blazar is a Danish VC focused on incubating and scaling e-commerce businesses.

Big player superpowers to all!

We believe that state-of-the-art forecasting should not only be available for the biggest players. With quality, service, and design as key focus areas, we aim to combine the pinnacle of supply chain, data science, and software development to create the leading tool for data driven decision making in demand planning. 

Hakio helps customers optimize inventory levels, based on state-of-the-art forecasting algorithms, through an interactive and user-friendly platform.

What does Hakio mean?

As you might have noticed, Hakio has a bit of a Japanese ring to it. And you would be right. We have chosen the name Hakio as a derivative of the “superpower” in the manga series OnePiece called observation Haki (Told ya we were nerdy).

Get demand planning superpowers

Optimize your inventory levels with state-of-the-art forecasting.



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