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Get demand planning superpowers.

Optimize your inventory levels with state-of-the-art forecasting.

Get demand planning superpowers.

Hakio elevating revenue potential for modern-day etailers

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Level up your demand planning game

Your inventory management decisions will be based on a strong data foundation. Our forecasting algorithms are developed and continuously improved by supply chain specialists and data scientists.

In Nordgreen, we run our entire inventory review process through the Hakio platform. This has helped to reduce our inventory levels significantly and brought a great structure to our internal process.

Pascar Sivam, CEO of Nordgreen

Avoid losing sales

Get notified before you stock-out to increase your product availability. Improve your customer service level and enjoy satisfied customers.

Avoid losing sales
Be right, buy less

Be right, buy less

With better forecasts and optimal purchasing suggestions you can ensure you only buy what you need. This will allow you to tie up less capital in your inventory.

Free up your time

Spend time on business, not on getting data. We seamlessly integrate to multiple systems, and take care of all data consolidation and processing.
Your time is important, get it back!

Free up your time

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Watch a 2 minute Hakio overview

Our CEO Malte Vittrup explains how Hakio provides ecommerce businesses with valuable data insights that enable them to make faster and more informed decisions. And how Hakio is leading the way in transforming the ecommerce industry.

Get demand planning superpowers

Optimize your inventory levels with state-of-the-art forecasting.