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Advanced forecasting aimed to simplify demand planning.

When it comes to demand planning in fashion the complexities are endless. It takes a village—or a complex model to be right about demand planning predictions.

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AI-driven probabilistic forecasting

Future-proof your operations with probabilistic forecasting. You're no longer confined to single-point predictions. Our algorithms deliver a range of potential outcomes, letting you prepare for all possible scenarios and make decisions with confidence.

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Embed in your tech stack with seamless integrations

Embed in your tech stack with seamless integrations

Spend time on making the best decisions. Goodbye, manual data fetching
Avoid data siloes and manual work fetching data from a tech-stack full of friction.
Freshly fetched data and forecasts at hand, whenever you and your team need them. Avoid spending time on maintaining long formulas across a large set of excel sheets.

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New product introductions

Eliminate uncertainty when introducing new products by enabling your planners to easily add or remove products from Hakio's suggested products based on complex pattern recognition from products with comparable attributes.
We know. It's a complex task in the ever changing world of fashion planning. Make it easier.

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New product introductions
New product introduction

Multi-Channel Planning

Plan accurately for demand across multiple sales channels, ensuring a consistent supply of products, whether they're sold online, in retail or wholesale.

Hakio elevating revenue potential for modern-day etailers

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Accurate forecasting. Streamlined demand planning. Finally.

Empower your planning team to make the best decisions, based on a solid foundation of real-time, accurate data.